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Doug, Thank you so much for giving us such a beautiful bathroom, it really turned out so great. There are no leaks and everything in the shower is rock solid, something we will enjoy for many years to come. With your skills and my decorating I think we did really good!!!

Letter sent from Client on June 1st, 2015

Marge & Randy S. Ann Arbor, MI  
LETTER from Client

I have engaged Wolverine Custom Painting LLC for dozens of projects over the past 4+ years. He and his staff are friendly, professional and completely reliable. Doug, the owner, is meticulous in his workmanship and goes above and beyond to make sure all work is done correctly. He is extremely versatile, having expertise in tile laying, painting, floor refinishing, carpentry -- actually, I haven't encountered anything he can't do. Plus, I appreciate good-natured willingness to switch gears and take on a different project when some emergency occurs and our priorities change.
As others have written, he is totally honest, trustworthy and reasonably priced. I cannot recommend Doug and his equally competent and personable workers more highly. I feel fortunate to have them in our life.

5 Star Review​ on 5/13/2015 

Pat M. Ann Arbor 

It was a very positive experience - from the initial phone call to the final product. Doug Fox (owner) promptly returned my call, listened to what I needed done, and was out to review the job within 24 hours. He was very straightforward about how he and his crew approached a job, and the work was started within three days. The workers were very professional, arriving as promised and completed the work within the estimated time. Before submitting any invoice, Doug wanted to do a "walk through" to make sure not only we, but he as well, were satisfied with the work. I am very pleased with the results and plan to use Wolverine again in the future for any painting / home improvement projects.
I would recommend Wolverine Custom Painting, LLC. without reservation.

Overall Grade A​ on 5/7/2015

Linda R. Ann Arbor 
Angies List 

Doug and his crew is extremely pleasant to work with. They're responsive and courteous throughout the time of the project. I especially appreciate how they tended to details. My only complaint is the final price is about $1000 above the initial estimation because of the extra hours needed. But the finished work is very satisfactory.

Overall Grade A​ on 5/5/2015

W.P. Ann Arbor 
Angies List 

We recently purchased a condo in the Ann Arbor area. With only 10 days between closing on the condo and the arrival of our moving trucks, we contacted Woverine Custom Painting LLC and asked if it was possible to completely repaint the condominium. We have over 2,000 sq. ft., cathedral ceilings and a personal preference for dark ceilings and light walls--which is a challenge when you have an older home and wonky ceiling/wall seems.
Douglas met with us very quickly after our first phone call. He prepared a bid proposal that was accurate--until we kept adding things to the job. Including the fact that his painters would have to juggle around the floor refinishing team.
Communication was excellent. Responsiveness was excellent. The quality of the workmanship is amazing. We are so happy with the paint job.
I highly recommend Wolverine Custom Painting LLC. I felt like Dougal treated our home like he would his own home. The conscientiousness, meticulousness, neatness of the job was beyond our expectations. I will never try painting rooms by myself again, the difference between professional painting and DIY painting is amazing.

Overall Grade A​ on 4/10/2015 

Penny S. Clarkston 
Angies List

We were very pleased with Doug's work. He responded to our initial contact promptly, came to our home and inspected the ceilings in question (they had a large, ugly stucco-like starburst pattern all over them), and explained that, depending on how easily the pattern scraped off, he could try two or three possible approaches, with the goal of keeping our labor cost as low as possible while getting the job done. The work involved a couple of full work days plus a number of short visits to allow layers of mud to dry, be sanded, patched, re-sanded, primed, painted. Throughout the process, Doug and his assistant were professional, respectful of our home (and cat), and meticulous in their workmanship. Doug walked us through everything he'd done, showing receipts for materials and explaining what they'd done each day, as well as having us inspect the work carefully, before submitting his bill to us. We would definitely work with this company again, and would recommend it wholeheartedly to those who need painting/repair work done.

Overall Grade A​ on 4/1/2015 

Cathleen J. Ann Arbor 
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Over the past 4 years, Wolverine has provided painting, ceramic tile work, door installation, reinforcement of noisy stairs, and a wide variety of interior and exterior renovation and maintenance.
Member Comments: Douglas Fox and his workers are professional, personable, and highly flexible, which is helpful as our priorities sometimes change while their work is in progress. They are extremely competent and a pleasure to be around. I recommend them without reservation.

Overall Grade A​ on 4/1/2015 

Pat M. Ann Arbor 
Angies List

Doug and his painters were super nice, easy going, and very professional.The work looks great, and we lucked out with some really good color matching for fixing up cut lines where the wall and ceiling match. I would definitely use again. Highly recommended.

Overall Grade A​ on 3/24/2015 

Chris R. Ann Arbor 
Angies List

Doug met at my convience to access the damage and needed repair - even on the weekend. His initial estimate was $2500 which was very close to the actual cost. He answered all my question and concerns, was willing to use materials in my home to save money, was re3spectful and kind, and even removed his shoes! Completed in time stated. Excellent results! Would hire him again in a minute!

Review​ on 3/23/2015 

Patty H. Chelsea 

I hired Wolverine Custom Painting, LLC to paint the interior of my condo. It had not been painted since it was built in 2000! The original contractor paint work was of poor quality!
In the first 5years, there were many cracks where the home had settled, as well as a beam that endured water damage from leaky upstairs bedroom windows. Wolverine had to do drywall patch repair, the dreaded sanding and then paint. They did and outstanding job, I feel like I'm living in a new home!! Mr. Fox's attention to detail was superb, noticing things I hadn't noticed.
I also had his crew replace light fixtures. The crew was punctual, friendly, and felt the rates were competitive/reasonable,and the quality well, my home is testimonial to that! I still need my basement painted and will be hiring Wolverine Custom Painting, LCC to do that when I'm ready. Thank you Wolverine!

5 Star Review​ on 2/25/2015 

Patricia S. Chelsea 

Doug and his team really did a amazing job! MY home was built in 1959 and the paint jobs that came with the purchase of my home left major work to be done. Doug and his team scraped every layer and had their work cut out for them. The finished product is AMAZING! One would never know my home is an older home. They took their time to ensure I was completely satisfied. They even explained to me the process and why they used their techniques so that I would be comfortable with the severe scraping that was required.

It started as just a kitchen job and once I saw the work... WOW! It went into the living room, hall and main bathroom. I AM COMPLETELY SATISFIED. I wish I had hired them when I first bought my home. IT would have saved me a lot of money and time. Brining them back for the bedrooms. (1959 homes don't have to look their age. Call Doug for your home face lift!)

5 Star Review​ on 2/20/2015 

Christine S. Ann Arbor 

Exceeded expectations! Over the last 3yrs, I have hired Doug and Wolverine Custom Painting for a variety of jobs needed at my own home, as well as at rental properties. The work has ranged from painting and light handyman services to a complete remodel of an older 2 story home. Most recently, Doug and crew completed work on my kitchen, retrofitting new cabinets to match our existing ones and creating space for and installing a new dishwasher.

I continue to hire Wolverine Custom Painting because (among other things) I appreciate their attention to detail, the quality of their work and the fact that they are conscientious about leaving things clean after completion. 5 stars!

5 Star Review​ on 1/26/2015 

G. S. Ypsilanti 

I could not recommend this team more highly. In addition to extreme professionalism, reliability and attention to detail, technical skill is very impressive. And Doug Fox has been scrupulous in working with me in advance to outline expectations, cost estimates, materials choices, etc. as well as post-job in documenting time & materials for invoicing. He maintains a very tidy work area and clean-up is meticulous.

The greenhouse required both art and science -- I presented them with a garageful of assorted old wooden windows, shutters, glass block and miscellaneous materials, and a vague sketch of the "shabby chic" flower-starting garden building I had in mind. Doug did a great deal of online research about similar "upcycling" projects and showed me his findings. Then the duo organized the materials, mulled design possibilities and tested options, keeping my general size parameters in mind. Best of all, they were engaged and interested in the job and seemed to enjoy the challenge. (They also were very kind and tolerant of my pesty little Chihuahuas when the dogs took a break in the yard.)

To my absolute astonishment and delight, they turned that oddball collection of old materials into a generous-sized, symmetrical, beautiful "vintage-look" greenhouse that is the envy of all who see it. he basic frame of 4x4s was perfectly placed and braced with extra wood while the cement cured. Many of the windows and shutters they designed in to be active to allow for ventilation. Doug and Nate also figured out how to incorporate some old glass block that had sentimental value to me, and they replaced some deteriorated window glass and sealed the rest, so the old windows didn't detract from the functionality of the greenhouse. They found an antique door in my garage rafters, cut it down to size, inset it with a spare casement window and it made the perfect entryway for the greenhouse. They came up with a roofing solution that utilized some old storm windows and withstood this bitter, snowy winter weather with nary a leak, crack or sag. When I decided to line part of the inside rear roof with tin ceiling tiles, they figured out how to do so without compromising the interior design. I entered the greenhouse today and it's warm and dry.

If you have a job that requires creativity, enthusiasm and initiative in additional to technical skill, this is the team you want! I look forward to having Doug do more carpentry, remodeling and painting at my home in the coming months and years.

Overall Grade A​ on 1/10/2015

Melissa P. Plymouth 
Angies List

Doug and his crew completed the agreed upon work professionally and according to schedule. This was really important since I had other work scheduled and things needed to happen in a particular order in a small window of time. The end results exceeded my expectations. In addition, they were able to complete a variety of things that I had been wanting to attend to for a long while. This included a bathroom sink replacement, wood fence repair, patching and painting, toilet repair, and other things that I am probably forgetting.
Though this is the first time I am reviewing Wolverine Custom Painting, I have used them for many services since 2012, not only for my own residence, but also for work needed on rental properties. In the past, Wolverine Custom Painting has helped me with everything from light handyman work to a remodel on a rental property that was built in the 1890's (and in extreme rough shape when I purchased it). Being more than satisfied with their work, I continue to hire them and would recommend them to others as a quality option. Thank you, Wolverine Custom Painting!

Overall Grade A​ on 10/21/2014

Greg S. Ypsilanti 
Angies List

My experience with Wolverine was wonderful from beginning to end. My home is a geodesic dome which presents angle issues when replacing countertops and placement/design of cabinets. Doug redesigned a large angled corner by adding an angled placement of a new cabinet at eye level which was previously plain countertop space too deep to be useful. The storage space under this area was not disturbed. An additional unused angled space on the opposite side of the kitchen was filled with an additional cabinet giving more storage space in the form of a closed cabinet as opposed to the open inaccessible space that was there before the remodeling. These fresh ideas made such a huge difference in the appearance of the kitchen. My opinion was invited with each new idea and every item purchased for the remodel including such small things as cabinet door knobs. The work was professional and precise. Doug and his crew were a pleasure to work with and to say I was pleased with the outcome is an understatement! Excellent craftsmanship in every respect. I now have a beautiful, modern kitchen. Highly recommend Wolverine for any remodeling need.

Overall Grade A​ on 10/21/2014

Susan M. Brighton 
Angies List

My kitchen had a hidden leak from an underground pipe that, over time, destroyed the walls and cabinets from the inside out. Once discovered, the damage was extensive. Doug and his crew literally gutted the kitchen. Once the leak was repaired, he and the crew replaced the cabinets and customized several areas to provide a more modern and usable space. My home is a dome and thus has multiple angles making it difficult for me to find people willing to work on it. Doug didn't even blink. He and the crew used their combined experiences and imagination with great enthusiasm to create a beautifully remodeled and updated kitchen for me. I felt included in decisions every step of the way. They turned a hand-wringing experience into a pleasant one. I cannot recommend them strongly enough.

5 Star Review​ on 10/18/2014

Susan M. Brighton 

I am very pleased with Wolverine Custom Painting. Doug has worked on several jobs in my home, laying tile inside and patio bricks outside, installing trim, and a few other miscellaneous projects. His work is very good and professional. He demonstrated competence in solving problems that inevitably crop up in remodeling work. Doug's rates are reasonable and jobs were always done on time. I felt comfortable giving him access to the house when I was not at home, knowing that he would be conscientiously working and that my property was safe.

5 Star Review​ on 10/1/2014

Diane K. Ann Arbor 

We hired Wolverine to paint the inside of our house. Additionally, they did some minor dry wall repair and installed a new side door. Doug and his crew were excellent! They were prompt, professional, and meticulous. We plan to use them again to refinish our deck in the spring.

Overall Grade A​ on 09/1/2014

Lindsey D. Ann Arbor 
Angies List

We've been very happy with Wolverine Custom Painting. We hired them to tile and paint our master bathroom and the results were really great. We changed our plans from using a pre-fabbed tub base into having them build a tiled step-in shower. Doug really came through and gave us a bathroom fit for a magazine cover.

Aside from their workmanship, they were always punctual, very respectful of our need to continue living in our home during the remodel, and genuinely nice people to have around.

Having dealt with several other contractors in our home we can honestly say that Wolverine Custom Painting was by far our favorite so far.

5 Star Review​ on 8/9/2014

Jason L. Ann Arbor