Custom Carpentry Work Ann Arbor

I could not recommend this team more highly. In addition to extreme professionalism, reliability and attention to detail, technical skill is very impressive. And Doug Fox has been scrupulous in working with me in advance to outline expectations, cost estimates, materials choices, etc. as well as post-job in documenting time & materials for invoicing. He maintains a very tidy work area and clean-up is meticulous.

The greenhouse required both art and science — I presented them with a garage full of assorted old wooden windows, shutters, glass block and miscellaneous materials, and a vague sketch of the “shabby chic” flower-starting garden building I had in mind. Doug did a great deal of online research about similar “up cycling” projects and showed me his findings. Then the duo organized the materials, mulled design possibilities and tested options, keeping my general size parameters in mind. Best of all, they were engaged and interested in the job and seemed to enjoy the challenge. (They also were very kind and tolerant of my pesty little Chihuahuas when the dogs took a break in the yard.)

To my absolute astonishment and delight, they turned that oddball collection of old materials into a generous-sized, symmetrical, beautiful “vintage-look” greenhouse that is the envy of all who see it. he basic frame of 4x4s was perfectly placed and braced with extra wood while the cement cured. Many of the windows and shutters they designed in to be active to allow for ventilation. Doug and Nate also figured out how to incorporate some old glass block that had sentimental value to me, and they replaced some deteriorated window glass and sealed the rest, so the old windows didn’t detract from the functionality of the greenhouse. They found an antique door in my garage rafters, cut it down to size, inset it with a spare casement window and it made the perfect entryway for the greenhouse. They came up with a roofing solution that utilized some old storm windows and withstood this bitter, snowy winter weather with nary a leak, crack or sag. When I decided to line part of the inside rear roof with tin ceiling tiles, they figured out how to do so without compromising the interior design. I entered the greenhouse today and it’s warm and dry.

If you have a job that requires creativity, enthusiasm and initiative in additional to technical skill, this is the team you want! I look forward to having Doug do more carpentry, remodeling and painting at my home in the coming months and years.

Melissa P.